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SurtzMedia, LLC is an Emmy-nominated creative post house and production company that works with brands, nonprofits, and other media firms committed to doing good in the world. We’re not about manufacturing a message - we want to illuminate what’s already so remarkable about the people and organizations we work with.


With a rapidly growing internal team and trusted network of freelancers, our offices are located near Chicago. In four years we’ve completed nearly a thousand videos for 50+ clients everywhere from Albuquerque to Boston.


As our work grows and develops, we have two primary pursuits: 

First, we’re actively seeking to establish meaningful, intentional partnerships with organizations that want to tell stories that matter. We seek to be trailblazers in combining a journalistic and cinematic approach, pairing top-quality production and RED cameras with a care that recognizes the dignity of every individual & their story.

Secondly, we are a post production company that has edited hundreds of videos for other established production companies nationwide, ranging from TV ads to feature documentaries airing on national networks. Our team works fully on-site with four professional edit bays, and we pride ourselves on shaping stories with a special focus on music and intentional sound. We don't share these projects publicly, but if you're interested in seeing examples or inquiring about a potential partnership, please reach out.

Jenny's Story

Produced in 2020-1 for the Souls of the Y series

Souls of the Y - Emmy-02.png
Souls of the Y | Izzy's Story
More Battles To Come | MAXC 2022
Building the Future | Dukane Precast
Property Pursuits Episode 1 | Trailer
20 | Bryan Eng Debut Album
BoardShare | Impact Film
Open Communities | Roundtable

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1020 Cedar Ave, Ste 224

Saint Charles, IL 60174


A new era in SM post production 😎

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